Gravity Rush Demo Hitting EU PSN Next Month

Gravity Rush, Sony’s artistic action game for the PlayStation Vita is set to get a demo before its June release.

According to a tweet from video game retailer GAME, “you will be able to download the Gravity Rush demo, free of charge on May 30th.” While Sony has yet to confirm this, GAME is currently at an internal publisher showing of Gravity Rush, so we can expect to receive official word from Sony very soon.

Since GAME is based in the UK, and European gamers typically receive content a day later than those in North America, there’s a good chance those in the States will be able to get their hands on the demo May 29th. Mind you, Sony hasn’t made any public announcements yet, so just sit tight and keep your fingers crossed.

Gravity Rush is slated for release on June 12th in the US and a European release on June 13th.