Ubisoft Releases A Video Walkthrough of Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s Multiplayer

Ubisoft has released a new video walkthrough of Ghost Recon Future Soldier‘s adversarial multiplayer mode.

The trailer is narrated by Tommy Jacob, Creative Director at Ubisoft Red Storm. He says that in GRFS‘ multiplayer, teamwork equals victory. Using the coordination system will guarantee players the shortest route to objectives and teammates. In GRFS’ multiplayer, there’s strength in numbers — a player moving with his/her team enables the team to watch each other’s backs and jump in for an assist (or a revival) if a teammate goes down.

The confidence system allows teams working together to complete objectives more quickly. The objective icon will pin to the supporting player’s HUD, letting him know that he’s in range. Also, a player will see the confidence meter fill up to the side of the objective icon, letting the player know that his/her teammates are close enough to provide confidence.

Being in cover allows players to quickly and safely navigate and survey the battlefield while staying protected from the line of fire. Sensor grenades and UAVs are just a few examples of the equipment that players can use to keep the team informed of approaching enemies.

The “ultimate maneuver” in GRFS multiplayer is the data hack. Players can use non-lethal equipment like the stun gun or stun mine to take down an enemy and hack his intel. Now the player’s team has positional information on enemies for the critical takedown.

Riflemen have upgraded armor, enabling them to take more damage than the Scout or the Engineer. They also have access to LMGs, which are the only weapons that can provide suppression. Suppression allows players to pin enemies in cover, taking them out of combat.

Engineers have a scope detector that gives them a split-second warning to get out of the way of danger. The engineer can use the UCAV to sneak behind enemies and flush them out of cover. They also have an assortment of intel-collecting devices, such as sensor grenades and the UAV, which makes them critical players on the battlefield.

The Scout can disappear from detection by activating his camouflage, allowing him to remain undetected by heat sensing equipment.

The trailer closes with a bit more footage and Jacob saying that with intel, combat, and teamwork, a player’s team can achieve the ultimate victory. The footage is followed by the GRFS logo, the release date, a message to pre-order the Signature Edition at GameStop, and the Signature Edition’s bonuses.

To view the multiplayer walkthrough video, click on the video below:

Ghost Recon Future Soldier will release for PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 22nd.

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