Sony Patents Bizarre Pumpable Move Peripheral, Creates World’s Largest Controller

While the Move might not be the most successful motion device of this generation, an amazing peripheral for the peripheral could quickly turn things around. This is not that peripheral.

Filed just under a year ago, but only recently published, the patent that we’ve uncovered is for this baffling Move add-on (the circle on the left is a joystick, and on the right are buttons):

But wait, there’s more! You can also pump the controller up and down to look like this:

Here’s the pumping action in use (arrow added):

While I personally can’t wait for something like this to become a reality, it’s always important to note that patents don’t always become actual products, especially when they’re a controller that makes a motion device unwieldy and hard to ‘move’. The handlebar controller design does seem to be similar to the Forza controller that had limited success:

Could these be the controllers of the next gen? (No)

Would you like to use the Move super-peripheral? Share your thoughts in the comments below.