Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Trademarks “Cold Hard Cash”, Let The Speculation Begin

It’s time to get the rumor mill started up again as a new trademark for a potential new game has been discovered.

Dualshocknexus spotted the trademark for “Cold Hard Cash“, which was only registered last Thursday under “computer software; video game software”. Nothing else is known about the name, or if it is even a game, but with the timing being so close to a series of recent PS3 reveals, it does seem suspicious. Add that to the fact that Geoff Keighley allegedly flew to London to meet with Shuhei Yoshida to film an upcoming show, and it does seem like Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has something up their sleeves. Could this be SCEE’s big Move exclusive? Other possibilities are a PSN game, a Vita game, the return of Eight Days or something related to The Getaway, a surprisingly large Sony franchise that has been neglected this generation.

Whatever the case, don’t get too excited until more is revealed about the product. Be sure to stick to PSLS to find out if it is ever revealed.