Early Assassin’s Creed Concept Art Reveals a Female Protagonist

May 3, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Work on Assassin’s Creed started all the way back in 2004 and a lot has changed since the inception of the franchise. Ubisoft has released a load of concept art that hints at some possible directions the studio could have taken with the popular series.

The artwork was done by the talented Khai Nguyen and features some interesting concepts that never made it into the games. One image of particular note is that of a female assassin, something we’ve haven’t yet seen in the masculine-heavy series dominated by Ezio, Altair and now Connor. There’s no doubt that having a female lead could bring some interesting changes to formula. You never know, they could be keeping that one on the back-burner for a future title.

Another image shows an assassin protecting a young child. I don’t know about you, but I’m glad they left that one on the cutting room floor. Escort missions are rarely ever fun, especially when you’ve got a whiny helpless child to take care of.

Check out the full gallery below.