Versus XIII Officially a No Show for E3 2012

Square Enix has finally revealed their big games list of E3, and there are a lot of impressive titles set to make an appearance at the show. Unfortunately for Final Fantasy fans, it doesn’t look like Versus XIII will make the list yet again, as a proper showing of the vaporware title will be set for a later date.

From IO Interactive’s Hitman: Absolution to Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider reboot, there’s a lot of content coming from Square to be excited about. Will that be enough to distract JRPG lovers from the noticeable gaping hole in their E3 software lineup? Probably not.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was first debuted back at E3 2006 and we’ve seen little to nothing of the title ever since. Considering this is set in some sort of spin-off universe tied to Final Fantasy XIII, which launched a good two years ago, it’s fair to say the game is long overdue. Then again, a Kingdom Hearts III reveal would make it all better.

Perhaps Square will continue to dish out more games in the Final Fantasy XIII universe to bide time until its release? Final Fantasy XIII-3, XIII-4 and XIII-5 here we come!