Nomura Teases Kingdom Hearts III Like Never Before, “About Time” for Another Console Version

May 8, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

I don’t know about you, but as both a Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts fan, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with all of Nomura’s delays and teases. The latest statement from the Kingdom Hearts legend only serves to toy with our hearts further, as he once again teases a proper Kingdom Hearts III.

Speaking with GameInformer in their latest issue (via KHU), Nomura says flat out that it’s time to bring the beloved Disney-Square mash-up back to consoles. “I also feel that it’s about time that Kingdom Hearts should go back to being on a console,” he said. Nomura also discussed the possibility of developing a KH game for the PlayStation Vita, saying:

We have been invited to make games on different new platforms, and every time we have created titles making sure that they are highly compatible with the platform.

The PS Vita is definitely a powerful device that is very interesting, but because of it’s high power, there isn’t much of a difference with a console. So even if we were to make a game, we would have to be very careful about how to create it for that device.

As far as what we can expect from the next major installment, Nomura was unsurprisingly pretty tight-lipped. “I’m not able to disclose any information on what’s coming next or any other future plans, but you may be able to find a hint if you play through Dream Drop Distance to the very end.”

It is interesting to note that Nomura mentions “consoles” and not the PS3 specifically. Could Kingdom Hearts III bring the series to the Xbox 360, or the Wii U for that matter? Other Square franchises – like Final Fantasy – have made the multiplatform jump, so it certainly isn’t out of the question.