Saints Row 4 Spotted on Weapon Artist’s Resume, Allegedly Coming This Generation

May 16, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

It looks like THQ’s outlandish open-world franchise Saints Row will likely be seeing another installment, as artist David Payne has prematurely outed the title via his resume.

Payne’s LinkedIn resume (first spotted by Superannuation) indicates that in addition to his current work on the Enter the Dominatrix expansion to Saints Row: The Third, he is also serving as the fourth installment’s prop and weapon artist.

This should hardly come as a shock to most of you, as Saints Row is one of the few franchises that actually performs well for THQ. Not only that, but the publisher’s executive vice president, Mr. Danny Bilson, already confessed that work on Saints Row 4 had begun in November.

However, it is worth noting that on Payne’s resume, the title was said to be in the works for this generation. With so many rumors hinting that the wave of hardware isn’t too far off, it is a bit surprising to hear that THQ is planning to squeeze out yet another title before the launch of the PS4 and Xbox 720.

Then again, the publisher is a bit tight on cash, so I’m sure that if Volition can make use of the assets from Saints 3 to create another $60 experience that they can ship out within the next year or two, then that’s what they’ll do.