Sony Registers Domains for Vita Version of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

More and more evidence continues to mount in favor of a Vita version of the recently announced Sony brawler. First the game director hinted at a potential port, then a LinkedIn profile of an SCEA employee had a Vita version listed on his resume, and now it looks like Sony has gone ahead and registered domains for a portable version.

Both and have been registered by Sony, which clearly appears to be pointing toward an upcoming announcement at E3 regarding a handheld version of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

At this point it’s pretty hard to argue against the evidence. That said, Sony has not yet confirmed the existence of a Vita version of the game, so we’ll have to treat this as speculation for the time being. Fortunately, Sony’s press conference is now less than a week away, so we’re bound to get all the juicy details on PSABR in just a few day’s time.