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PSLS Service Announcement: Round Two

Ok, so if you’ve been following PSLS recently you might have heard that someone tried to hack us, ultimately failing. Well, they tried again. And failed.

Unfortunately, we had to take the tough decision to take our forums offline. As the hackers had discovered holes in the forum’s security, we couldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t keep trying to attack us, so this was the safest thing to do. This move should put an end to any attacks, and posts like these. Sadly, I can’t give a timeline as to when the forums will be back, but we will only return them once we’re absolutely satisfied with their security. In the meantime, please feel free to use the regular site comment system to chat to each other and us. And again, don’t worry, no user data was at any risk at any point.

It’s times like this I’m incredibly grateful for the team of tech guys we have here at PSLS to deal with attempts to ruin our E3 festivities, and I’d like to pass on my thanks to them for dealing with stuff like this at all times of the day.

Anyway, thanks as ever for reading PSLS, we would be nothing without your continued support. Now, back to game news! And dinner.