Inversion Contest has been Suspended in Mid-Air, Winners Announced

June 18, 2012Written by Cameron Teague

The Inversion contest that we announced last Wednesday has come to a close and we got a ton of great submissions from all of you out there, but sadly in the end, we could only choose three entries to take home a prize. Check out the three winners below and their gravity-defying pictures.

Winner one is Noah Balduf, who defies gravity while playing his sleek looking PS Vita.

Winner two is Miles, who decides to take on the task of turning around Sony’s financials and we think he succeeds.

The final winner for the contest is Ramelle Fleming, who has one odd looking house that he lives in.

If you are part of this list, you should be seeing an email shortly requesting your address. If not, please don’t get discouraged, as there will be plenty more opportunities coming in the future for more goodies to win.