Yup, The PSN is Down Again For Some Gamers, Spewing Error Codes 8071053D, 80023102 and NP-2239-6

June 22, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

Just as people were getting over the last bit of unplanned downtime on the PSN, something has happened to cause yet another round of random downtime.

The downtime, which again causes 8071053D, 80023102 and NP-2239-6 error codes across the PS3 and PSV seems to be pretty random again, with Twitter complaints saying that it is down for some, while still up elsewhere. Here at PSLS, it is again down in one location, but happily online elsewhere. Repeatedly trying to sign in does seem to do the trick for a few. Some people get messages saying that they lost their password, or need to reset it.

What is the PSN’s status where you are? And are you getting annoyed with the constant PSN issues that have occurred since E3? Let us know in the comments below.