The Walking Dead Episode Two – Starved For Help Coming To PSN This Friday

June 27, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Good news for fans of Telltale Games’ PSN game series based on The Walking Dead: the next episode is coming very soon.

On the PS Blog, Telltale Games Manager of Public Relations and Social Media Alan Johnson announced that The Walking Dead Episode Two – Starved For Help will be arriving on PSN this Friday and will be priced at $4.99.

The game continues the story of Lee Everett and in it, players will have to deal with the consequences of the choices that they made in Episode One – A New Day. Johnson says that one player’s experience in Episode Two could be substantially different from another player’s through Telltale’s use of “tailored narrative.”

To view the “The Walking Dead Episode One: Player Choice Stats” video, click on the video below:

To view screenshots of the game, click on the Media Gallery below:

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