Telltale Games Plans to Continue The Walking Dead After Five Episode Series

July 6, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

The Walking Dead episodic series from Telltale Games has done quite well for the publisher and they’re only two episodes into their five-part series. Fortunately when that is all said and done, it doesn’t look like they’re be ditching the franchise, as more installments in this zombie-ridden universe are being planned.

Not only that, but the team plans to bring the five episode experience to retail once all of the content has been released digitally. Senior VP of Marketing, Steve Allison told Eurogamer:

Following the digital release of our fifth episode we will also be coming to North American retail shortly thereafter and this will not be the last The Walking Dead game series that we do.

He also spoke to the recent announcement that Activision would be dipping its toe into The Walking Dead, saying, “As huge fans of the franchise and the show, we’re looking forward to seeing Terminal Reality’s game when it comes out.”

Between all of this content and the upcoming third season of AMC’s television show, there will be plenty of flesh-eating goodness for the foreseeable future.