Beyond: Two Souls: 160 Actors, Ellen Page in a Submarine, and More

July 13, 2012Written by Paulmichael Contreras

The more cinematic games become, the more like movies they become in their development. There are few games that exemplify this fact as well as Quantic Dreams’ upcoming thriller Beyond: Two Souls. Some facts have emerged out of the San Diego Comic-Con regarding just how much effort is going into producing this game.

At a recent panel during Comic-Con, Ellen Page was narrating some video footage of her donning a full-body motion capture suit, sitting inside a bucket-style seat. Page explained the purpose of the seat, but she quickly realized that was a plot point which she wasn’t authorized to talk about, as evidenced by her saying “and that’s the submarine. Oh, shit!” So, apparently during some point in the game, her character Jodie Homles winds up in such a situation. How she got there, why she’s using a submarine, and other details have not yet been given, but it goes to show you that David Cage and crew are going to take this new story in all sorts of different directions.

Speaking of that story, Cage let loose that he spent a full year simply writing the script of the game, and that it required 160 actors over the course of ten months to film in its entirety. From the outset, Cage pictured Page’s disturbed character role of Sherry from the film Mouth to Mouth as inspiration. By the time he was done writing the script, Cage said he could not see anyone else playing the part. Looking at what we’ve seen of Beyond so far, the resemblance is clear, and if anyone else voiced Jodie Holmes it would indeed sound weird. Page described being approached for the part with at first hesitation but then excitement:

My brain didn’t even know how to process this opportunity…[But after reading the script] it completely exceeded my expectations and was completely fulfilling as an actor. What David has written is so powerful and so beautiful.

Beyond: Two Souls is currently slated for release in 2013 exclusively for the PlayStation 3.