Vivendi May Not Sell Activision, Considering Sale of Global Village Telecom Instead

July 19, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

With an asking price of around $8.1 billion, Vivendi has been having some trouble selling Activision, so it looks like they may opt to sell another one of their companies instead to help balance their budget.

Global Village Telecom (GVT) is a Brazilian telecommunications company owned by Vivendi, and if they were to be sold, Vivendi would earn a hefty sum somewhere between $8.59 and $10.42 billion. Apparently Activision doesn’t quite bear the same selling power as GVT, with GVT already attracting interest from potential buyers.

If this turns out the be the case, then PlayStation owners can rest easy in the fact that nothing major will be changing at the publisher (i.e. losing the Call of Duty franchise in lieu of a Microsoft buyout). That said, prior reports indicate that Microsoft hasn’t been interested in purchasing Activision anyway, so we might not have to fret over a Microsoft-Activision take over.

The latest installment in Activision’s prized franchise is set to launch this November, and it’s sure to rake in some big bucks this holiday season.