Just Cause 2 Outfit Available In Sleeping Dogs For Players With A JC2 Save

Just Cause 2 players will be able to receive a special bonus if they pick up Sleeping Dogs and have held onto their saves from the game.

Square Enix has announced that gamers who have a save from Just Cause 2 will be able to unlock a clothes set featuring the look of Rico Rodriguez. The clothes set will be available in-game from launch onwards. It will be available across all formats with the detection of a Just Cause 2 on a platform’s hard drive.

The new set of clothes isn’t just for show, though, as players will receive a boost to their action hijack ability, which will allow them to perform “stunt-style” vehicle takeovers from an even greater distance away. To see how Wei takes over a vehicle in motion and other footage from the game, check out the recently released developer walkthrough of a mission called “Mrs. Chu’s Revenge.”

Sleeping Dogs will release on August 14th for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.