David Cage Looking To Create “An Emotional Journey” With Beyond: Two Souls

David Cage is looking to stir players’ emotions with his upcoming game, Beyond: Two Souls.

Speaking to Edge, Cage has said that he wants to create an “emotional journey” with Beyond: Two Souls and that he’s not interested in offering players “fun,” as much as he wants to give them “meaning.” He added that he wants to challenge the minds of gamers and not their thumbs.

The Heavy Rain creator said that, like with his other games, emotions will once again factor into Beyond, as the game was created as his response to the death of a close relative. He hopes that by witnessing protagonist Jodie Holmes’ story unfold over the course of a 15+ year time span, players will create deeper bonds with her than they have with characters in other games.

Cage is also looking to eliminate some of the “robotic aspect” of video game characters with the game’s engine, as well as Ellen Page’s performance for her role in the game.

The founder of Quantic Dream says that he knows that not everyone will want to see a more emotion-heavy game, saying that maybe what he seeks to do is “irrelevant” or “overly ambitious,” but that his goal for Beyond: Two Souls is to “create something different.”

Does Cage’s vision of a game that offers “meaning” and “an emotional journey” appeal to you?