BioWare Set to Make Mass Effect 3 Announcement Tonight

Gamers craving more Mass Effect 3 content have much to look forward to today, as BioWare is set to make an announcement regarding the game later this evening.

BioWare community manager Tully Ackland teased the announcement Twitter, saying:

Good morning! #MassEffect fans should keep an eye out for news that’ll come out later today :-) 

I realise my tweet is like an announcement of an announcement… How awful of me! #Notsorry

What would you like to see BioWare reveal tonight? More multiplayer DLC? Additional single-player content? Then again, the launch of the Wii U is only a few months away, so it could be related to that in some way, but for the sake of all us PlayStation gamers out there, I’m really hoping it’s not.

Be sure to check back here later today for an update on what the studio reveals. In the meantime, tell us what new ME3 content you want to see in the comments below.