Get a Closer Look God of War: Ascension’s Elephantaur

If you’ve seen the God of War: Ascension single-player demo that made its debut during Sony’s press conference at E3, then you likely haven’t forgotten about the hulking minotaur elephant hybrid that Kratos rips into. Sony is now providing us with a closer look at this intimidating foe thanks to a recent interview with the game’s concept artist.

According to artist Izzy Medrano, the initial plan was to bring back a re-skinned version of the minotaur from God of War III, but after hitting a few creative roadblocks, the idea of an elephant hybrid brought everything together. “I whipped up some anthropomorphic bulls, yaks, bears, lizards, turtles and even a rhinoceros…but in my heart I wanted to bring back that elephant,” he explained.

Interestingly enough, the inclusion of the elephant component is based off of a negative experience Medrano had with one in the past. “I had a bad run in with an elephant in Thailand that thought it was really funny dunking me in the river Kwai again and again. The locals thought it was hilarious, too. But ever since… I’ve known them for what they really are: the giant grey bullies of the forest!” he said. “So as an artist I drew from my suffering and humiliation to really make this guy an evil bastard. It fits our God of War universe perfectly.”

For a closer look at this ferocious beast in action, check out the screenshot below.

What do you think of Ascension’s new foe? Does it live up to the epic cast of enemies seen in prior God of War games? Share your thoughts in the comments below.