DualShock & Awe #12 – Skyrim Fail, More FFXIII?!

Another week, another episode! Listen in to DualShock & Awe, the official podcast for PlayStation LifeStyle, for your weekly dose of Paulmichael, Cameron and returning third chair Vivas!

This time around, the guys discuss Bethesda’s terrible track record when it comes to the PS3, Cameron’s not surprised that Square Enix is announcing yet another FFXIII entry, and a telekinetic cat may or may not make an appearance at the end of the show. Plus! We need your help in deciding what music the show should use as an intro. Leave your suggestions in the comments section below, or alternatively email us at [email protected]. Feel free to leave us comments about today’s show, ideas for future shows, your favorite cheese…Whatever your hearts desire!

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