New Skyrim VR Update Improves Graphics, Adds Other Changes

Players exploring the world of Skyrim in virtual reality are in for a treat today, as Bethesda has released another update for the VR port earlier today. This update, officially marked as patch, improves the visual fidelity of the game, especially on the PlayStation 4 Pro. For PSVR players, this should mean greater visuals overall, as well a bit of a smoother feel when playing the game.

Elsewhere in the update, a new main menu experience has been added to the game, which sounds like a retooling of the game’s main menu on a virtual screen. While this likely won’t change much fundamentally, we’ll have to wait until we can actually strap into the game to see exactly what the new experience offers. What’s most notable in the update, however, is how much has changed for the PlayStation Move controllers.

Now, players can do things like move backward with the press of a button and even swim realistically. A “Show Hands when Sheathed” option has also been included, which would get rid of the Move controller models when you don’t have a weapon out. For the full list of patch notes, check out below and let us know if you plan on jumping back into the virtual world of Skyrim:

  • Added a new main menu experience
  • Globally improved visual fidelity, particularly on PS4 Pro
  • Increased the maximum value for the height offset slider
  • Various bugfixes
  • Changes when using PS Move controllers:
    • In direct movement, changed the secondary X button to move the player backwards.
    • Added a new option, enabled by default, to “Show Hands When Sheathed”
    • Sheath/unsheath has been moved to hold secondary O.
    • Adjusted angle for spell targeting to be more comfortable
    • The existing swimming has been moved to a new option for “Realistic Swimming”.  Swimming by default now uses Direct Movement style controls
    • Added option for HMD-relative direct movement instead of controller-relative direct movement.
    • Added a new option for “Realistic Bow Aiming” which uses both PS Move controllers to aim
    • Players can now point at map markers and get information on them in local map mode

Skyrim VR is available now on PlayStation 4.

[Source: Bethesda]