SCEA Trademarks “Rain” Ahead of gamescom Conference

With Sony’s gamescom conference less than 2 weeks away, we’re watching Sony like a hawk, waiting for them to give us a hint at what they’re planning to reveal. Now, we’ve uncovered that SCEA has trademarked “Rain” under video game software.

Now you might think that the trademark is to do with Heavy Rain, but it is rather odd for a trademark to be filed over two years since the release of a game, let alone for it to be only part of a title, and for it to be by SCEA while HR is SCEE. The trademark has only just been filed, which does make us wonder whether we’ll see something to do with Rain at gamescom on August 14th. It has already been confirmed that Media Molecule will be at the show, although it’s not known whether they’re going to finally reveal one of their new IPs. Sony is also thought to be revealing two games at the conference, along with the usual host of trailers, announcements and release dates.

If Rain is a game, would you like it to be a PS3 or a Vita title?