Game Franchises We Want Revamped

We’re all excited about our sexy new revamp, so that made us think – which gaming franchises should be revamped or rebooted? With some series having become old and outdated, or others getting worse with new releases, we discuss the series that could do with a fresh start.

Sebastian Moss:

1. The Getaway – With only two main games that came out last gen this might seem like an odd choice, but the idea of being able to drive around London committing crimes is something that is hard to beat. Despite the first two games not being incredible titles, they were still pretty darn fun and helped push the PS2 as the console of choice in the UK. After the PS3’s The Getaway 3 was put ‘on hold’ it became clear that Sony had given up on the series in favor of EyePet and Wonderbook (isn’t that awesome?) so it’s time for them to start over. Make it grittier and darker than anything else, hell don’t just use Guy Ritchie for inspiration, bring him in on the project. The UK has become the home of the 360 gamer, it’s time for that to change.

2. Burnout – I miss Burnout 3: Takedown, it was, and still is, the best arcade racer ever. Don’t get me wrong, Burnout Paradise was a great game (although there’s only so many times you can hear “Take me down to the paradise city”) – but it wasn’t Burnout, it was something else. And Burnout CRASH!? Oh god. Return to classic linear racing, close quarters, dirty and adrenaline filled.

3. Call of Duty – The series might be rather repetitive now, but COD4 was the best FPS game of its time. Why? Not only because it was well balanced and action-packed, but because it tried something new, something different. Activision clearly sees this and are trying with BLOPS2 by putting it in the near future, but they aren’t committing to it being that different – it’s only a few years in the future and it’s not even part of the main COD timeline. I can’t blame Activision for being too scared to mess with their golden cash cow, but I’d love to see them try something risky, try to reinvent the wheel and define the next gen just like COD4 helped define this gen.

Dan Oravasaari:

1. Eternal Darkness – One of the few games to have been released that was able to brake that third wall, in such a way that it would entertainingly frustrate the player. Much like a friends teasing in jest, Eternal Darkness wraps a competently designed dark tale in a meta-adventure that tested the mental prowess as well as patience. Faking flies on the screen, sudden deaths, and even pretending to delete your save file, Eternal Darkness was an experience like no other.

2. Wing Commander – A PC flight combat game that spawned the highly regarded, X-Wing. Wing Commander was more than just a standard space shooter, it had interesting characters, a dynamic plot, and really pushed what games were capable of the time. The return of the franchise would also bring back the first person flight combat simulation to space, something that doesn’t see as much attention as it used to. With the expansion of online capabilities, and processing power, utilizing the world of Wing Commander into something the size of EVE Online, would be a dream come true.

3. Syphon Filter – The long rumored game supposedly in development for PS3, that has had home on the PSP for the last couple of years. Syphon Filter, is a 3rd person shooter that could have been the PlayStation’s answer to Gears of Wars this generation. Instead its been over looked in the console market, leaving its Bond-like atmosphere with complex gadgets and cloak and dagger motifs to silently wait. Hopefully, Sony realizes the potential this series has had, and doesn’t just push it onto the PS Vita.

Cameron Teague:

1. Suikoden – Yes I know everyone that listens to the podcast is probably tired of hearing me rant and rave about the Suikoden series but in my eyes, it is still the best RPG series ever so just shut up. It has been a long time since a PlayStation console has seen a game in the series; in fact it has been six years since we last were graced with a worthy game in the series so now is a great time. Sure the team behind the game has been disbanded, but that didn’t stop Konami from releasing a PSP game in the series so why not start fresh with a new team and bring my favorite RPG series to the PlayStation 3!

2. Front Mission – I remember when this series was an under the radar, tactical RPG that had a lot of legs and some serious fun hidden behind its somewhat rough exterior. Then Front Mission Evolved happened, turning this proud series int a third-person action mech game and thus killing it for me and I am sure a few people out there. It would be great to see the series revamp itself again, going away from this third-person action nonsense and back into a killer tactical game that I feel the PS3 really needs more of, or maybe the PS Vita with some transfarring?

3. Valkyria Chronicles – Sure the series is not very old, with the original game wowing gamers back in 2007, but since then the move to the PSP has been less than stellar and this series could use a return to its roots. The original game was an epic in every sense of the word and although it remained a strong game when it went portable, it lost a lot of what made it great and could really use a return to glory. Hopefully Sega is out there listening because ‘we the fans’ feel betrayed and we want the series rebooted, we want it back!

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