Bringing More Content to the PS Vita is Priority Number One at Sony

Sony Worldwide boss Shuhei Yoshida shared his thoughts on the Vita’s recent poor performance, saying that providing quality content is now their top priority at Sony.

In an interview with GI International, the Sony exec admitted that the Vita has been struggling due to a lack of content. As such, the company decided to highlight new software that is coming to the handheld during their press conference at gamescom.

Our focus was to feature PS Vita. One big criticism we got from E3 was where’s the PS Vita, where are the PS Vita games? We spent too little time talking about it, so that was a big focus going into Gamescom.

Yoshida went on the praise the Vita hardware itself, noting that the device is truly an impressive piece of technology but they need more software to get more gamers on board. And as far as price, he spoke to the upcoming bundles as an affordable option for those looking for a deal.

The good thing is that the one thing we can’t change is the hardware features, but they are very well regarded by people. But in terms of new content and new system and service features, we can add that, and we can work with third-parties to get more. We’re getting a very good feeling when we talk with third-parties companies, and of course we’re developing our own titles.

And for the people who are hoping that the PS Vita becomes more affordable, we are creating new bundles and adding new value to the package.

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