Don’t Worry Anonymous Hasn’t Hacked the PSN ‘Again’

If you read half the gaming sites out there, or Forbes, you’d be forgiven for thinking Anonymous just hacked the PSN. But they didn’t.

Apparently, word got out that there was a new Pastebin document – a site anyone can edit – “from Anonymous” (despite it not being their regular announcement channel), with an opener that says “I’m the man behind Anonymous” (despite their being no man behind Anonymous) that was filled with user information allegedly from a new PSN hack “again”, despite Anonymous only DDOSing the PSN last time, and someone else actually hacking the PSN. “About 10 million fuckers at risk. Yes, if you play playstatio network, you’re included<3” said the post.

But, if you take any of the user data and put it into Google, the world’s most popular search engine, you’d find a Pastebin from March that seemingly has absolutely nothing to do with the PSN and absolutely has nothing to do with “the man behind Anonymous”.

Meanwhile, Shane Bettenhausen, part of SCEA’s business development, has said that the hack is “totally fake.”

So there you have it, this isn’t a hack, it’s a hoax, and not even a very elaborate one.