Remember Me Will Feature “50% Action, 50% Exploration/Adventure”

Remember Me‘s creative director, Jean-Maxime Moris, has said that the title will implement a “clear action-adventure recipe”, which includes 50% of the game featuring action, while the other half focuses on exploration/adventure.

Speaking with Gamereactor, Moris discussed the direction developer Dontnod is taking with the new IP:

The idea creating this games was to have a very clear action-adventure recipe, with very well-anchored genre codes. so we went for a linear structure with 50% action and 50% exploration/adventure. We wanted to keep really controlled what events the player was going through were, and what emotions were attached to those moments were.

We do allow the players the ability to explore the world we’ve created within those areas, so while the narrative is driven in a linear sense there’s lots of open areas, lots of nooks and crannies you can find to secrets to unlock further parts of the story.

Remember Me, which features a different message than Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, is due for a release sometime during 2013.