How Remember Me Differentiates Itself From Watch Dogs

Despite having clear similarities regarding its themes, Capcom’s recently-unveiled Remember Me has a different message to deliver than Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, according to the title’s creative director.

Dontnod’s Jean-Maxime Moris explained to CVG that while he acknowledged that the aforementioned titles focuses on security and privacy in a universe that’s connected by advanced technology, Remember Me is aiming to tell a story of what technology means for the people it affects, as opposed to Watch Dogs focusing on mainly the technology itself.

From what I’ve seen of Watch Dogs it’s more about exploring how weaknesses in computer systems and hackers can affect us in the future. Remember Me prefers to explore the human side of that. Consider a given memory you have, and all the senses and emotions that come with that. That memory shapes who you are as a person. Now imagine that someone comes in and re-shapes that memory. How does that change you, and the people around you?

Remember Me, which was previously an IP owned by Sony, is due for a release in 2013.