new watch dogs game battle royale

Watch Dogs Battle Royale Is One of Ubisoft’s Cancelled Games – Rumor

A new Watch Dogs game was reportedly in development at Ubisoft. A new leak claims that in a departure from the series, the studio opted for a battle royale game that was later canned.

New Watch Dogs game was reportedly a 50-player stealth battle royale

The aforementioned leak comes courtesy of a 4Chan user and while we usually dismiss 4Chan leaks, this one seems to align with credible reports of Ubisoft trying to capitalize on the battle royale genre with no success. Nevertheless, take it with a huge grain of salt.

Here’s what we know so far: Watch Dogs battle royale was a 50-person, stealth-based game. It was set in Tokyo and there were plans to add maps based on Toronto and Paris.

The described gameplay sounds a bit like social deduction in that there would be hundreds of NPCs that players would be required to kill without being noticed. Once a player killed an NPC, they would be marked as a target to the entire lobby, who would have to hunt them down within three minutes. The killer’s “general” location would be marked on a shrinking map.

Either someone has a lot of imagination and free time on their hands or this leak is legit. You decide.