SCEE Exec Addresses Lack of PS3 Super-Slim gamescom Announcement, Wanted to Focus of Software

It’s only a matter of time until Sony announces it, but we were all expecting a big reveal of the PlayStation 3 super-slim during their gamescom presser. Although, considering the fact that the company still has a number of PS3-3000 units to clear out of retailers, it’s understandable why they’ve held off on announcing the 4000 model.

When SCEE head Jim Ryan was questioned by CVG on the alleged super-slim model, the CEO attempted to deny the hardware’s existence by saying “Which new PS3?” after which he proceeded to laugh. I guess even Sony execs find the company’s inability to keep surprises quiet amusing.

Ryan went on to add that Sony really wanted to push software at the show, so unveiling a redesigned piece of hardware didn’t fit in with that plan. “Well, we had so much to talk about on the software side, and that’s all we wanted to talk about,” he said.