Electronic Arts: We’re Not Focused on 3D, “it Just Doesn’t Seem to be a Major Factor”

If Sony’s showings at E3 and gamescom are any indication, the future of stereoscopic 3D isn’t all too promising. The company has been a big proponent of the technology in years past, but we haven’t seen them push it at all in the past several months, with not a mention of the tech at last week’s convention in Germany.

As such, EA has no plans of focusing on 3D at all for the foreseeable future. A couple years back, Peter Moore expressed his disinterest in the technology and now two years later as the COO of EA he’s been proven right, telling Eurogamer:

And what an oracle I seem like! 

3D is certainly not in any way on our list of things we are focused upon as a company. I look at gaming, and it just doesn’t seem to be a major factor.

It’s just not a technology particularly in our world of gaming that seems to have got traction. If I was skeptical 18 months ago I remain skeptical.

What do you think? Is 3D gaming on its way out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.