Yoshida: Tearaway to Provide a Natural Integration of the Vita’s Features

LittleBigPlanet studio Media Molecule wowed everyone at gamescom with the announcement of the Vita exclusive Tearaway, a brand-new IP that is custom tailored to take advantage of the Vita’s unique feature set.

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida spoke to VG247 about the upcoming game, assuring the outlet that this title will provide a natural integration of all the Vita’s features, serving as a showpiece of sorts for all the Vita’s capabilities.

Tearaway is really a good example of a game made from the ground-up with PS Vita’s functionality in mind. At the launch, we put so many new functions on PS Vita, and many launch titles tried to use functionalities like touch in different ways, and some of it wasn’t natural and was criticised by media people when it felt forced or tacked on.

I’m hoping that when people try Tearaway, the use of features on PS Vita will feel much more naturally integrated to the core gameplay.

Considering the stellar track record of Media Molecule and what we’ve seen of the game thus far, Tearaway is on track to be that feature-filled game the Vita so desperately needs.