Psychonauts Coming to PlayStation Network’s Library of PS2 Classics Next Week

Tim Schafer’s beloved and quirky action platformer will be headed to the PlayStation Store next week as the latest addition to Sony’s library of PS2 classics.

The game was developed by Double Fine Productions, the same studio that has since brought you titles like Brutal Legend and Costume Quest. Of all their games over the past several years however, none attracted a cult following quite like Psychonauts.

The game was first released on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 back in 2005, and while it has been available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for quite some time, PlayStation gamers have had to remain patient for a digital version. Fortunately, there’s less than a week of waiting left to do, as the game hits the PSN on August 28th.

A price point has not yet been confirmed, but considering the fact that the going price for all other PS2 Classics is currently $9.99, you can expect Psychonauts to cost the same.