Pete Hines: Latest Prey 2 Cancellation Rumor Not True

A new rumor has begun to spread around the internet – that Bethesda’s Pete Hines told IGN that Prey 2 had been canceled.

But don’t despair too much, as the rumor has been debunked. Hines explained on Twitter that the whole rumor was simply a mistranslation of his English interview with IGN Benelux, that was translated into Dutch, and now re-translated back into English (presumably with Google Translate):

To clarify, I didn’t say Prey 2 was canx. Gave an interview in English, translated to Dutch, translated back to English. #LostInTranslation

The allegedly incorrect translation said:

I can be very clear about this. At one point, we looked at Prey 2 and decided that in its current state, with all the money, time, and resources we put into it, it didn’t meet our expectations. So we decided to pull the plug from our end.

Hines, however, has yet to clarify what he really meant, and whether Prey 2 is still in development (and if so, who is developing it).