Wada Asks Fans to “Wait a Little Longer” for News on Versus, Possible Title Change?

Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada has once again reassured gamers that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still in development, though recent reports suggest that it may not retain the Final Fantasy XIII branding.

During the event, Wada said that “I cannot say any more than, ‘We are making Versus!’ Please wait a little longer.”

Those in attendance at the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event are reporting that the game is no longer being referenced to as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but rather just Versus. Perhaps the title has separated itself entirely from the Final Fantasy XIII universe and they don’t want to confuse consumers with the branding.

Kotaku spotted the game’s protagonist Noctis in a booklet given out during the event with the words “Please wait for his turn!” etched in below the character’s picture.

Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for more info on the progress of the long-rumored game. Perhaps it has been delayed to next-gen? At this point anything’s possible.