Final Fantasy Exec Producer Claims Versus XIII is “Turning Out to be Unbelievably Amazing”

While we’ve all been assuming the worst for quite some time now, a glimmer of hope has appeared from Square Enix regarding the development of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Executive producer Shinji Hashimoto shared some uplifting news about the game’s development this past week at Ginza SWING!! in Tokyo, saying that the title has changed quite a bit and is shaping into quite an impressive experience.

According to Hashimoto, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is “turning out to be unbelievably amazing.”

For those that are keeping track, Versus XIII was first announced back at E3 of 2006 as a PS3 exclusive. Since then it has missed nearly every trade show aside from a few brief appearances at the Tokyo Game show a few years ago.

We still don’t know too much about this game despite having known about it for the past six some odd years. Hopefully we’ll learn more about this chronically delayed title at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.