Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Current-Gen, Prologue to MGS5

The news train just keeps rolling in, bringing forth more exciting media and info about Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

First, the platform of release was confirmed to be PS3, though the end of the extended trailer also shows an Xbox 360 logo. After showing the much-discussed demo footage, Director Hideo Kojima told the crowd that the game was running on a PC with hardware “similarly equipped to PS3” and that the final version of the game is expected to “closely resemble” the video.

It was also revealed that the game’s story is a setup of sorts for another game.

“We’re not going to say that it’s Metal Gear Solid 5, but it is a prologue,” Kojima remarked.

During his time with the game on stage, Kojima reportedly pointed out vehicles such as tanks and helicopters that the player will be able to drive. One may customize the music of the helicopter.

Stay tuned for more as the details keep coming in.