Early Resident Evil 6 Copies Were Stolen, Confirms Capcom

A Polish retailer recently started selling PS3 copies of Resident Evil 6 a full month before its official launch on October 2nd. Capcom has now launched an investigation into what they claim to be “stolen” copies of the forthcoming Resident Evil installment.

The publisher told Eurogamer in a statement:

Capcom is currently undertaking a thorough investigation into reports that Resident Evil 6 is being sold ahead of its official October 2 release date.

At this time, all we can add is that it would appear this unfortunate incident is limited to a small quantity of stolen copies of the German USK PlayStation 3 version of the game.

While Resident Evil 6 going on sale weeks before its launch is a major problem for Capcom, the stolen copies has purportedly led to the game finding its way onto piracy websites over the weekend.

A buyer of one of the stolen copies of Resident Evil 6, meanwhile, is selling the title on eBay, with the price due to fetch €1196.71 if someone meets the buy-it-now price. The starting bid currently stands at €478.78.