Sega Renews Skies of Arcadia Trademark, Possible HD Version on the Way

Just a few months ago, Sega renewed the trademark for its beloved Dreamcast RPG Skies of Arcadia, giving credence to likely reality that an HD remake is currently in the works.

The trademark renewal was first spotted and revealed over on NeoGAF, and was filed back in July.

In the past, Sega has hinted at the possibility of giving Skies a proper high-def re-release, but has yet to actually confirm that one is in the works. If speculation proves to be true, this would be huge news for PlayStation gamers, as the title only came to the GameCube after its initial release on the Dreamcast.

Skies of Arcadia holds a special place in the hearts of many role-playing lovers, so a release for the PlayStation 3 would undoubtedly complement the platform’s robust library of games in this genre. Would you pick up Skies of Arcadia if it came to the PS3 as an HD port? Let us know in the comments below.