Ask PSLS: Which Game Would You Want to See Get a Full Remake on PS4?

With the fabled Final Fantasy VII remake making an appearance in the news once again (it wasn’t good), we thought it would be fun to ask the PSLS staff: Which game would you want to see get a full remake on PS4?

Anthony Severino – Pull the Trigger (@Sev_Anthony)

Give me a remake of Chrono Trigger, re-built from scratch, keeping the story intact and exact. I can’t think of another game I’d want more than that, even beyond Final Fantasy VII.

Chandler Wood – Naughty, Naughty (@FinchStrife)

Could you imagine Jak & Daxter being completely remade from the ground up for PS4? Naughty Dog created a marvel for its time, with a single, seamless world that spanned the entire game. Now imagine the scope of what Jak & Daxter was when it released on the PS2, redone to meet the power and capabilities of the PS4.

Another game that I wouldn’t mind seeing a full remake of is Crash Bandicoot Warped. I loved this game back in the PS1 days and a complete overhaul to the PlayStation 4 could be a wonderful thing. I guess I’m a sucker for a great, classic platformer – the likes of which I don’t think we’ve seen for some time.

Dan Oravasaari – Play me a Symphony (@FoolsJoker)

My original thought would be to say Metal Gear Solid, as we need to have a version of it on almost every console available. But I think it would be cool to see Castlevania: Symphony of the Night remade into a PS4 title, but kept as a sidescroller – none of this first person malarkey. Sadly, I doubt much of the game itself would benefit from the upgrade, but with all these games getting HD versions, I think it is time that we get some hi-def Alucard action.

Heath Hindman – He’s Got the Magitek (@RPGLand)

Final Fantasy VI.  I need some Magitek Armor running around in 1080p!

Jason Dunning – Air Wolf (@Jasonad21)

For me, this one’s actually a pretty easy answer. No, it isn’t Resident Evil 4 (because I think Capcom should do a direct sequel starring Leon only), but rather Skies of Arcadia. I’m still in a pirate mood after beating Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Skies of Arcadia is an awesome pirate-themed RPG.

If a remake were to happen, they could reduce the amount of random encounters, up the amount of people to recruit, and take ship-to-ship air battles to the next level with the power of the PS4.

Realistically though, I’d be more than happy with just Skies of Arcadia HD on PS3. Please make it so, Sega!

John VanderSchuit – New/Old Guy

What blows my mind about the idea of Jak & Daxter on PS4 is the fact that we have all this RAM in this new system… imagine the persistent world the system could hold in memory. I start drooling and my body starts doing strange things when I think of it.

Joseph Peterson – Odd (@BigPete7978)

I will be the odd one here.

Most people think of Final Fantasy VII when they state what title from the series they want remade, and yes I would like to see it as well, but my personal favorite of the Final Fantasy games is without a doubt Final Fantasy VIII. The story, size of game world, and an airship you can fly are all great things that I remember from the game that I’ve spent hundreds of hours in.

Louis Edwards – Bring the Payne! (@ftwrthtx)

The original Max Payne, complete with some of the most popular PC mods, and a modding tool of its own. Take the series back to its gritty and noir beginnings, before it took a turn for the modern style, and make it the best looking game on a next-gen console.

Russell Ritchey – I Don’t Understand Half These Words (@RussellCRitchey)

Record of Lodoss War. I am a huge fan of both the OVA and TV series as well as the original games on the TG-16. Anyway, remake the games with all of the characters from the books, anime, and various comics. Add skill trees, side quests, and draft Nobuteru Yuki – the artist behind Chrono Cross, Secret of Mana 3, and the Lodoss War OVAs – then combine it all with an updated version of Valkyria Chronicles‘ CANVAS engine on the PS4. You’d have a stunning game visually. Add in a decent director and all of those deaths and dragon fights could be epic. And while I’m at it, make the Lady of Pharis and Legend of Crystania playable, since those events are set in the same world.

Which game would you want to see get a full remake on PS4? Let us know in the comments below.