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6 PS4 Mobile Game Ports We Want to See Hit the Big Screen

The PS4 is home to a massive variety of games meant to appeal to all kinds of gamers. That even includes a few ports of mobile games, from paid fare such as Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign and Square Enix’s Go series, to free-to-play titles like Fallout Shelter and Adventure Capitalist.

Games that originally appeared on mobile devices and later appeared on PS4s are few and far between. Despite the reputation mobile gaming has, there are plenty of neat games out there that can be a lot of fun, so long as you don’t fall victim to the gacha. I figured it would be a good start to single out a few that the PlayStation audience would likely be into for one reason or another. For the sake of not copping out entirely, I’ve opted to omit the actual PlayStation mobile games, such as Uncharted: Fortune Hunter or Run Sackboy! Run!

Anyway, here are six games I think would be great options for a PS4 port.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]

ps4 mobile game ports kingdom hearts union x

Like many other mobile games based on major IPs, Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] is a gacha title that sees players turning in special currencies in exchange for random chances at collectibles. In this game, those collectibles take the form of coins your created character can equip, forming a small deck that the player uses for attacks.

While the gacha stuff is unremarkable, Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] is full of fanservice from throughout the Kingdom Hearts series, including the music and various locations you visit through the campaign.

Speaking of the campaign, it’s important to mention that Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] is totally, literally canon. Like every other random Kingdom Hearts game, there are significant details of Kingdom Hearts lore delivered here. It may even be relevant to Kingdom Hearts III. If you want the full picture, Square Enix’s The Story So Far release stops short of everything. The best part it, the story here is still developing, so there’s more yet to come.

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia

ps4 mobile game ports final fantasy dissidia opera omnia

Final Fantasy‘s Dissidia brand has always been about inserting the Final Fantasy characters into various non-RPG scenarios. However, this collaboration between Square Enix and Koei Tecmo reins things back and adapts the Dissidia style into a turn-based RPG. Like the other games, you have to choose between Brave and HP attacks, and inflicting Break status onto opponents is the key to winning.

Getting characters is not part of the gacha here, and the cool thing about that is how many characters not represented in other Dissidia games are present. That said, the gacha element is equipment-based, which can feel like a slog to get through when you’re constantly sifting through junk weapons and armor. While grinding equipment isn’t great, the core gameplay and extremely Dissidia story content is a real hoot.

Granblue Fantasy

ps4 mobile game ports granblue fantasy

CyGames’ Granblue Fantasy is one of the biggest mobile games in Japan, and endures to this day despite being around since 2014. It’s still so popular that CyGames is using the brand as part of its push into console gaming with two games coming to the PS4. One’s an action/RPG that was developed in part by Platinum Games, while the other is a new fighting game from Arc System Works.

Both of these games are coming west, and believe it or not, the original mobile game has been fully translated into English. You have to jump through some hoops to get it on a North American device, but once you get through those hoops you’re golden.

So, why not just release it officially, and drop it on the PS4 for good measure? I can dream.

Fate Grand/Order

ps4 mobile game ports fate grand order

Here’s another Japanese mobile game that has cheated whales out of more money than I paid to go to college. Unlike Granblue Fantasy, Fate Grand/Order actually does have an official English release, and it’s a solid game in the character collection/turn-based RPG realm. This one is pretty straightforward, largely resting on the innate appeal of the Fate series’ knack for being playful with history.

Not only does Fate Grand/Order comprise characters from other Fate works such as Extella and Stay/Night, it also features plenty of new designs of its own. The gacha drop rates are notoriously bad, but the experience overall lends itself to hours of fun if you can pace yourself and not spend your life savings. Also, the PS4 already has a VR gimmick for Fate Grand/Order, so why not pair it with the real thing?


ps4 mobile game ports reigns

The Reigns series asks a very simple question, “What if making important political decisions was like using Tinder?” Okay, that’s not very simple at all, but that’s the general pitch here. You play the role of a lineage or royalty, making yes/no decisions based on suggestions from your advisory staff, swiping left or right just like on everyone’s most hated/loved dating app.

There are three games in the series, the most recent playing host to the Game of Thrones IP. While primarily mobile games, each one has appeared on the Nintendo Switch. Sure, that platform has a touch screen, but the PS4 does have the touchpad. That’s good enough, right?

Monument Valley

ps4 mobile game ports monument valley

This one may be a pipe dream, but hey, most of this list is pretty unlikely. Monument Valley is a mobile game that has beaten the odds. After all, it is game people have actually paid for upfront. Yes, it’s good enough for millions of mobile gamers to have happily paid more than nothing for it. A movie based on it is even coming out!

Anyway, Monument Valley is at its core a simple, environmental puzzle game. It isn’t too easy, but it isn’t a brain-buster either. The magic really lies in the presentation. Monument Valley and its sequel are some of the most polished games on the platform, with incredible visuals, intelligent aesthetic design, and lovely music. It’s one of the few mobile games out there with a vinyl soundtrack release, which should be telling. A console adaptation might be a bit of a stretch, but a game of this quality deserves as big an audience as possible.

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