Visceral: Dead Space 3 to Deliver a “Quad-A” Gaming Experience

Apparently the guys at Visceral Games are creating an experience that surpasses what gamers would deem triple-A with Dead Space 3, as executive producer Steve Papoutsis claims the studio is shooting for a “quad-A” title.

Speaking with CVG, Papoutsis explained that he and the rest of the team are striving to create an experience that is leaps and bounds more ambitious than what they’ve done in the past.

We want to excel. We want to deliver a game that’s quad-A, that’s beyond what we’ve done before.

A lot of people say ‘triple-A’ and that’s kind of become the norm, with all the ‘big triple-A games’ yadda yadda. No. We want to go beyond triple-A. We want to push to the next level. We’ve taken up just saying ‘quad-A’ all day.

Calling Dead Space 3 a “quad-A” title sounds a little ridiculous if you ask me, but regardless, it’s clear that Visceral is committed to making a stellar experience. Electronic Arts is expecting the game to sell big numbers, so there’s no doubt a lot of pressure at the studio to knock it out of the park.

We’ll know soon enough whether or not Dead Space 3 lives up to the hype when it launches for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in February of next year.