DualShock & Awe #14 – A Quad-A Podcast!

Welcome to DualShock & Awe, the world’s first Quad-A podcast! If you’re confused, then you definitely need to tune in to the official podcast of PlayStation LifeStyle, since a lot has happened in our brief absence! Cameron also has a new love in his life, and its name is PlayStation Home. Listen in!

So, the Vita was hacked last week. Following PSLS’ interview with Yifan Lu, the crew definitely had to touch on this very serious issue facing Sony’s latest handheld. Is the potential for homebrew going to be the Vita’s undoing? Will this be Sony’s last handheld console? But perhaps most importantly, why is Cameron suddenly so obsessed with PlayStation Home? Could he simply be throwing us all for a loop? Find out the answers to this and more in the latest exciting episode of DualShock & Awe!

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