Rumor: PlayStation Vita Exploit Discovered, Hacker Commences Work on Homebrew Loader

Yifan Lu, famed for his part in cracking the security in Amazon’s Kindle devices, has apparently discovered an exploit in the PlayStation Vita. He has now allegedly commenced work on an application that will allow homebrew to run on the device.

The hacker is appealing for help in creating a Vita homebrew loader, with work on the loader itself still in its early days. That said, preliminary code is already available to view on Lu’s GitHub page.

The homebrew loader in question will be “based heavily” on Half-Byte Loader, Lu confirmed, which was software for the PSP that allowed homebrew to run on the last-gen handheld.

Running homebrew software doesn’t pave the way for the ability to run pirated software, but Lu defended his work on the recently discovered exploit on Twitter. His response to an indie Vita developer’s query regarding the exploit possibly leaving an “open door” to piracy read, “I apologise, but what can I do about what others may possibly do in the future?“.