Honey Badger Loving Randall Shifts His Focus to Pre-Ordering Far Cry 3

Who better to advertise GameStop’s Far Cry 3Monkey Business” pre-order bonus, and subsequently Far Cry 3 in the process than the overreacting squeal of the nature loving Randall?

Although there’s unfortunately no honey badgers in Far Cry 3, viral internet personality Randall still has tons to comment on in this humorous commercial ranging from exotic animals, and explosions, to reality skewering game elements, and nasty a** violence.

The actual missions are sure to be a monkey blasting good time, but what I’m interested in is the “two bonus ways to humiliate your friends” in multiplayer, the term “humiliate” rather than “destroy” or any other power verb hints that these bonuses may be for the co-op mode, rather than competitive multiplayer perks.

With PlayStation 3 owners already being treated to exclusive Far Cry 3 DLC, do you plan on doubling down, and pre-ordering at GameStop to also receive the “Monkey Business Pack”?