Hurk Returns to Far Cry 5 With His Whole Family in Tow, Watch a Mission With Hurk and his Dad

Hurk is a familiar face in the Far Cry franchise, appearing first in Far Cry 3, then again in Far Cry 4, and finally having a cameo appearance as Urki (Hurk’s ancestor) in Far Cry Primal. Of course he’s back for Far Cry 5! Hurk’s a red-blooded American, and there’s no way he’d miss a Far Cry game on his own home soil. Now that Hurk is home, players will get to meet the entire Drubman family, interacting with and completing missions for them.

At the Far Cry 5 preview event, I got the chance to undertake a mission for the right-wing liberal-hating Hurk Sr. who is running for office in Hope County. As he hands us the mission, he makes a couple of references to “Obama loving libtards” and tells us we ought to “kill some bad  hombres,” referring to the Eden’s Gate cult. The cultists have his truck, and he wanted me to help his good-for-nothing son get it back. There’s an irony in this. Many assumed that Far Cry 5 would be politically charged, with the cult representing conservative America, but Hurk Drubman Sr. shows that players will actually be allying with those they thought they might be fighting. The cult does not sit on a strong political platform, but a religious one.

Hurk himself is unapologetically American, wearing American flag pants and a red, white, and blue bandanna tied around his head. His lines are hilarious as he talks about calling everyone dude (or other gender neutral names) and praying to the “monkey god and every baby Jesus there is. Hurk is an oddly endearing collision of political incorrectness and utmost respect. The video above gives us lots of time with Hurk as we traveled together to get his dad’s truck back.

Though we only got to see two of them, the rest of the Drubman family is waiting in the wings, including a mom and a sister. We won’t have to wait much longer to meet them. Far Cry 5 releases on March 27.

The preview event also revealed the ability to rescue and recruit a bear named Cheeseburger. We’ve got a full video of the process, including some deadly action from the adorably named beast. We also got a look at some of the character customization options, something new to the Far Cry series. Psychedelic drug trip missions make a return in Far Cry 5, and we’ve got a brief video looking at one. Ubisoft also announced some external media to flesh out the story of the Eden’s Gate cult, including a prequel book and a short film called Inside Eden’s Gate.