Take a Look at Some Character Clothing Options in the Far Cry 5 Customization Menu

One of the biggest differences in Far Cry 5 (aside from being set in our own backyard) is the main character. Previous Far Cry games have had an established named character with a story of their own. Far Cry 5 allows the player to be the main character, choosing between a male or female avatar, and allowing for character customization with a variety of clothing options.

At a recent preview event, I got the chance to browse through the Far Cry 5 customization menu to see some of the clothing options available for the characters. Check out the video above for a quick look at how you can make your character look unique.

If you’re wondering why you’d want to customize your character in a single-player game, don’t forget that Far Cry 5 has co-op. Your specific character look will show up for other players when you play with them, so make sure to dress your best (or your worst, or your goofiest, whatever suits your fancy). Far Cry 5 co-op players can enjoy pretty much all missions and activities in the game, including main story missions. In my hands-on preview, I noted concern for how co-op would track progress for each player, noting that it’s still not clear how the game will handle a visiting player returning to their own game.

The preview event also revealed the ability to rescue and recruit a bear named Cheeseburger. We’ve got a full video of the process, including some deadly action from the adorably named beast. Gearing up for release on March 27, Ubisoft has been revealing a lot more about Far Cry 5. They recently highlighted the deadly animals in the game. They also announced some external media to flesh out the story of the Eden’s Gate cult, including a prequel book and a short film called Inside Eden’s Gate.