Far Cry 7: New Gameplay and Story Details Emerge

Insider Gaming has followed up a previous report on the next Far Cry game with fresh details on what the story is and how the game will play. The report hints at an exciting future for the series.

Far Cry 7 story details

Far Cry 7 is reportedly internally known as Project Blackbird, and is scheduled to be released in Fall 2025. The development team will be Ubisoft Montreal and the Dunia engine will be dropped in favor of Snowdrop.

According to Insider Gaming’s sources, Far Cry 7 will be a non-linear story, with the story being centered around rescuing the player’s kidnapped family. Allegedly, the game’s plot revolves around a wealthy family that has been kidnapped by a conspiracy group currently called the ‘’Sons of Truth’’. It was also said that the campaign’s premise is for the player to rescue their entire family within a specific time frame. Currently, the current in-game timer stands at 72 hours, or 24 hours in real-time, but the timer can be paused when the player enters one of their safehouses.

These details may change given it’s early in development, but it’s an intriguing shift for the franchise if its structure remains intact.

The non-linear nature of the game reportedly means you can save each family member in any order you wish, and they can die and alter the story. But that’s not all; you’ll supposedly be able to use a new interrogation feature where those interrogated may offer up truthful information, but could also feasibly lie, say nothing, or even escape.

A previous report stated there were two Far Cry projects in production, with one being a multiplayer-focused title. Alaska was also cited as potentially being the setting for both.

There’s no information on when the game might be officially announced at this time.