Fuse Trailer No Longer Delayed, See it Here

You may recall that Insomniac’s upcoming multiplatform title – formerly known as Overstrike recently got a name change; however, when the announcement trailer for Fuse was set to hit the web, it was forced into being delayed for of legal reasons.

The reveal video is finally here, and is (unsurprisingly) worth the wait. As has come to be expected from anything Insomniac creates, Fuse appears to be shaping up into an incredibly fun and polished experience.

See for yourself below.

You’ll be able to team up with three other friends and work together to stop the rogue group Raven from stealing Fuse, an alien energy source that coincidently also powers your weapons. Insomniac is known to be creative when it comes to weapons, so don’t expect to be using standard rifles and handguns here.

Be sure to comment below with your thoughts on the trailer for Fuse and whether or not you like the new title.