Slimmer PS3 Reportedly Advertised, Comes With Solid State Drive, Price Cut

Polish website Polygamia is reporting that a retail source has confirmed (and is advertising) the not yet announced slimmer PlayStation 3. The new PS3 is said to come in 2 flavors: a 199 euro 12 GB SSD version, and a 299 euro 500 GB variation; these models are said to hit stores September 27th, and Sony’s reportedly stopping shipment on all current PS3 configurations.There’s a couple additional things that are important to note:

  • This information mostly lines up with our previous report, however, the 250 GB model we previously mentioned is absent from this report, and the cheaper model was previously said to feature 16 GB of storage rather than 12.
  • Despite the currency difference Europe always pays the same amount of euros as North Americans pay in dollars, so if this leak is accurate, you can expect $199, and $299 price points for these systems.
  • Given the timing, a Tokyo Game Show reveal is almost guaranteed.
  • Until confirmation, this all falls directly in the rumor category.

Keep your sights set on PlayStation Lifestyle, we’ll keep you updated on the latest word whether it be an official reveal, or another characteristic Sony leak.